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Are expensive camcorders worth the investment?

With smartphones and digital cameras gaining terrain on the market of video and photography equipment, many people refrain from investing in expensive camcorders, thinking that the above mentioned counterparts will offer the same quality for a much lower price. However, some people, most of them professionals, still defend the old camcorder, and manufacturers seem to insist on keeping their products on the market, and some of them, at no shy prices.


ua7I would like to start answering this question by pointing out that not all photographers and filmmakers have the same thing in mind when buying such a camera. If you only want to shoot some short home videos of Christmas gift unwrapping or your cat being funny, you probably won’t even think about getting a high-end camcorder, since you can easily and effectively use your smartphone. But if you’re into more serious film-making, spending some money on better equipment might be worth a thought. So what are the advantages of an expensive camcorder and can they be found in cheaper packages? Interested in buying the best camcorder? Continue to read!


4K resolution is the top feature presented by the most expensive cameras on the market and it makes room for insanely good picture quality. But as smartphones are catching up in this department, this motivation won’t last for much longer. So if we take this feature off the table are we still left with something worth mentioning?


ua6Many camcorder fans like the viewfinder and the high optical zoom that no other gadget masters like a camcorder, and that are essential for a professional filmmaker. Another feature that really makes the difference in high-end camcorders is the built-in microphone, which does a much better job than one on a DSLR. So these are some of the features that make camcorders the first choice for many filmmakers. Does an increased price make them go away or lose importance? On the contrary. An increased price usually reflects the fact that the manufacturer has put an effort to maximize these features – see the 20x optical zoom vs. the common 10x optical zoom and their benefits, and maybe topped them with additional features – you can now find Wi-Fi enabled camcorders, for example.


Ultimately, the question of expensive camcorders being worth the money is reduced to the question if investing in more quality is worth it. And we think that is always a personal choice, as experience, information, and talent also have a say in the quality of the final product.

Nikon point and shoot cameras – the best models of 2016

With almost 100 hundred years of experience in the field of optics and imaging technology, we can’t expect from Nikon but to amaze us further. While small brands can feel the cold wind of smartphone technology rising, a titan such as Nikon doesn’t seem to have anything to worry about.

ua3In 2016, many have turned their attention to what has been called the “Nikon beast”, the Coolpix P900, a bridge camera belonging to the wider Coolpix series of compact cameras designed to accompany the photographer in a wide variety of situations and decors. The P900 introduces an equivalent focal length of 24-2000 mm, with 4000mm Dynamic Fine Zoom, and that, my friends, means an 83x zoom, which is enough to take a close look at the spots on the Moon or the feathers of your favorite bird. Packed with an LCD display with 921k dot-resolution, the P900 offers an electronic viewfinder, it can go from 7 fps to 120 fps, and you can transfer your work via the built-in Wi-Fi and NFC technology. The only drawback of this model, according to users and testers around the world is its bulkiness, that distances it a little from the classic compact camera design.


ua4Another Nikon breakthrough this year comes in the form of the Coolpix A900, a new arrival in the A series. The Coolpix A900. The first feature that stands out on this compact camera is how small and compact it really is, competing with any regular-sized smartphone. 4K video capture at 30fps give you the perfect tool to create beautiful photography. A 921k-dot resolution LCD screen that tilts over gives you the possibility to integrate yourself in the scenery, and all these wonderful features are topped with Wi-Fi, NFC and Blueooth connectivity.


ua5Lastly, the Coolpix B700 comes with a 60x optical zoom with an equivalent 24-1440mm focal length, seconded by 120x Dynamic Fine Zoom, using a super telephoto Nikkor Ed glass lens. A 3’’ tilting LCD display, 4k video capture at 30fps, raw image capture and ISO 100-1600 (expandable to ISO 3200), this model is nothing but power. With the same connectivity features as its abovementioned “siblings”, the B700 is a great investment for anyone who want to rise above entry-level in creative photography.